Thursday, February 16, 2012

Panama Cut Boy, The Real McCoy

It doesn’t happen often
It seems very rare
That I come knocking at your door
And don’t find you there
You’re always sitting round
You’re always waiting up
And it would be too bad and oh so sad
If it didn’t keep cracking me up
You gotta leave, baby
You gotta run, baby
You better stop, baby
You know I am just having fun
And I’ll go on and on and on
You’ll be the last one in the line
And I’ll be the first one to leave
But while it’s on I’ll lead you on
Say what you want to believe
You’re just a little baby, girl
You’re just so new at this
I got you in my game before you knew my name
I’ll keep you forever with a kiss
You can’t run hard enough
You can’t leave soon enough
You can’t stop, just can’t stop
One look, one touch
It's not too much
It's just enough to make it tough
To ever, ever give up
On me.