Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lest I Forget

I have a picture
Of us
Lest I forget your face
And that we were joined
In some passing moments
Of togetherness
A diary
Where everything is noted down
Lest I forget
What you said
And why I laughed
When the world asked
I had no answer
Why I felt the way I did
But someday
When memory fails
And I ask myself
I don't want the truth
So I'll take refuge
In this cover
Pictures and words
Mingling to create
A brand new story
Of how we were simply friends
Who met, talked, laughed
And left.


Would you mind
If I say I feel iffy
If I say we are as unresolved
As the Irish question
As inexplicable
As the Bermuda Triangle
As meaningless
As colourless green ideas
Would you mind
If I feel like I am not
Like I never was
When with you
If I say
Our words clash and ring
Like clamoring curfews
Making me feel ominous
Ours is a battle
Though we sing it like a duet
We consume each others words
Air, space and memories
Till someday
We'll be reduced to nothing
Reduced to saying
How we might have made a mark
If we hadn't met each other.

Friday, February 4, 2011

A note in February.

This isn't for you
Just like all those
Attempts at words weren't
Like that
Eyed girl
She wrote it for
No one
Because she
Loved no one
She only liked
Watching the world play
The fool
And you play the world
Laughing your candyfloss laugh
I don't know why
I remembered her suddenly
Why I can't let her go
Of her words
Which weren't for you.