Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Rush

Its been a mad mad couple of weeks...In fact I've stopped writing on my other blog....the one where I actually speak..(as some of you well know)...and since its a new day and a new life and I am feeling damn good....I think I'll celebrate by starting a new blog....and what better way to do that than by going back to my old,barely used one...Its just been waiting for something other than obscure poetry....speaking of poetry, I discovered Al Purdy at JNU....someone left 'Poems For All the Annettes' on the desk in the cubicle which I happened to occupy (in the cyber library which I entered completely unofficially)....and I wished, wished, wished I had been born around 1920 and that my name was Eurithe...This bloody Canadian has got me so in love with him that I stopped writing poetry...well till today that is...I only stop writing when I can't stop thinking and well I've had a lot to think about since...well that's another story....Delhi has managed to capture part of my imagination and Delhiites...the delights that they are have managed to decompose the rest of it so things balance out well...Being back at Calcutta even if its for a short period is like breathing in space without the oxygen tank...The roads, the people are darling in their familiarity...Going back to College Street...the well-known voices calling out-Ki lagbe ..ekbar bole toh dekhun...the whiff of old books...books that have some of the most wonderful inscriptions on them....that belonged to some remarkable people...And the old professors ..the old friends...the new ones...Yes would be a nice life if I could figure out what it is that I want exactly....A Splinter in The Heart, A Handful Of Earth or Love in a Burning Building...maybe I'll settle for a sundance at dusk...till then Emu,Remember!


Those lies whose web I spin
To keep you out and keep me in
Turn from undergrowth to forests
From sparks to wildfires
Of green anger, of black rage
Of despair which you try to cage
Your yes begging me to change
To live, to give, to love
I try to laugh but cry instead
Can the dead mourn for the dead?
Your command is my demand
My wish is your want
If you are right and I am wrong
Why did it have to take so long
To know black holes may meet
But never form a star.