Monday, April 9, 2012

Early Morning Rain

It's the kind of morning which makes you think of an autumn evening. That somber, dulled blue-grey sky which comes right after a brilliant sunset. A stealthy sunrise and the rain clouds roll in immediately. A wayward gust of wind brings the smell of rain. A second gust later, it starts raining. For five glorious, glorious minutes, it's a green, cool, wet world right outside my window. The lawns outside stretch like a field and the man sitting right in the middle of the lawns is doing exactly what I would be if the world was ending and I knew it-sitting and reading in the rain. I close my eyes and at that very, very specific moment, I feel like I am home, on the hills, deep in the middle of a forest. It is, for a second, the kind of morning that gives you all at once an ache in your heart, a taste of sand and salt and a sense of endless time. The kind of morning you won't remember off-hand but unknowingly set as some measure of perfection-saying, to the utter irritation of everyone, I don't remember where but I've seen better.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Only Know How To Be Young

I can be jealous, naive, mean and irrational
Right down nasty sometimes
I can put your guard up
With big words and a tailored super ego
And then break your defenses with
Some mad, glad loving
My blues will chase yours into hiding
I feel I never will reconcile
The should, must, need and want
I intend to have and to hold
To love and to flourish
To change and to keep forevermore
I expect everything
In a world which doesn't know my name
I am not afraid to prod strangers
And ask them if they are real
If there is a chance
I'll wrench it loose
From it's box
I have been promised change
Fed on revolution
And I'll hold them on to it
I'll pay my dues if they are worth it
There is no need to tempt me
I'll trade you for it, only
Let the deal speak for itself
Keep all pretenses in the casket
There is just no time
What with all the songs that must be sung
And the stars that must be watched
Come gaze with me
I'll show you a sunset
You've probably seen
And tell you a story
You never could have imagined
I'll square the matter
Of Reason's Circle with you
Pre-conceived notions may roam
Prejudices must be slayed
There is a brewery of eternal youth
Next door, if you can manage the walk
In a slim, straight line
Don't peer too far
I am the future
And I am a stark, dark soul
Leave the placebos behind
The truth takes up too much space
And memory
If you project life on life
Do you get more or do you get better?
Come, if you have no answers
If you have answers
Come all the same
Just remember
Doublespeak is Greek to me
I have all it takes
To fix a light bulb
And write a brief history
Of timely actions
I'll call you out when
You start thriving on War and peaches
It may be too early to get up
Although it's never too early to start
And when the night falls
And the sound of silence
Is all I crave
Humour me.